Gay Activist Term Revising Guidelines by Red Cross “Discriminatory”

Gay Activist Term Revising Guidelines by Red Cross “Discriminatory”Gay activists are questioning the famous Red Cross society that why are they not being allowed to donate blood and the people opting for the procedures of piercing, tattooing and acupuncture were given the green signal for the noble cause.

It is being blamed that the organization, on one hand is allowing people to donate blood only six months after the piercing or tattooing, while the earlier guidelines did not recommend them to donate before 12 months. However, gay men have been directed not to donate blood, "within one year of male-to-male intercourse".

Spokesman of Tasmanian gay and lesbian rights, Rodney Croome termed the same as "discrimination".

He said that it is discriminatory on the part of the organization to review the guidelines for pierced and tattooed donors, while not revising the guidelines for the gay blood donors.

He added that this suggests that Red Cross is involved in giving "subjective decisions" and is absolute homophobic.

According to Campaigner Michael Cain, the guidelines were termed as a "double-standard" and that they should be reconsidered independently.

He added that this will be possible only after an independent body looks in to the matter and maintains the "transparency, credibility and impartiality", and thereby coming up with an inclusive review.