Campaigners Reporting that Brain Tumor Pandemic a Possibility with Mobile Phone Users

Campaigners Reporting that Brain Tumor Pandemic a Possibility with Mobile Phone UsersThe danger of using mobile phones, according to a study is actually 25% larger than what was suggested by a landmark investigation that has been recently published.

The investigation and research under Interphone study that cost almost 15 million pounds and took a decade to complete, according to the report, is flawed and the risk levels produced by it must be significantly increased. The latest claims, according to cancer charities, were overblown.

The reports suggested that the 4 billion users of mobile phones should abstain from keeping it near their bodies or heads to reduce cancer risk. It has also requested the government to strengthen health warnings to the public on this topic.

Llod Morgan who is a member of the lobby group, Environmental Health trust in America said that there might be a deadly brain tumor pandemic unless the mobile phone users are asked to change their behaviors involving cell phone along with strong warnings. Citizens should be rapidly educated about the risks instead of the critical issue facing the public health being soft peddled by the government according to him. He also suggested that the message should be heard clearly by people to keep the cell phone away from them at all times.

Interphone is a study of the health risks in using mobile phone, conducted by an agency of the WHO in as many as 13 countries. The study has been long delayed. The report which was concluded last month says that the risk of brain cancer increases by a considerable 40% if people use cell phone for more than half an hour every day. Statistical errors and bias could have affected the report which cannot be considered conclusive, as admitted by the researchers. A big part of this problem could be a selection bias, or choosing wrong subjects for comparisons.