Nurses' delegates vote on mediator's offer today

Nurses' delegates vote on mediator's offer todayDelegates from Alberta’s who has nurse strength of 24,000 will cast their vote today on a mediator’s formal recommendations for settlement at a meeting in Edmonton.

Tom Hodges, the mediator has given his recommendations to the United Nurses if Alberta and its employers, which includes the Alberta Health Services.

It has after months of negotiation between the two sides. The officials of United Nurses of Alberta refused to comment until they receive the offer .They will then decide whether the settlement should be put to general ratification vote.

The spokesperson of AHS Mr. Don Stewart did not comment in any detail until late Monday. He said that AHS was reviewing the recommendations.

The previous contract of the nurses expired on March 31 .The negotiations started early June.

The union had initially demanded a four percent wage increases each year for a period of contract of two years. It stated that AHS was proposing something that had never been seen before in salaries, benefits and other areas.

Union president Heather Smith would be present after the meeting. to comment on this.

The contract which expired last March gives coverage to over 24,00 registered nurses and psychiatric nurses.

In March the negotiation started in a high strung pitch. The union said at that time that AHS was demanding for cuts to salaries, benefits, scheduling protections and safe-care provisions.

The union was seeking for more resources to deal with the strain in the health-care system and was looking for 4% increase in wages.