Ofcom Reduces Broadband Charges for those Unsubscribing

OfcomOfcom has announced that the subscribers of landline internet services who wish to unsubscribe early will be allowed a reduction in the charges they'll pay, henceforth.

It has directed three of the broadband service providers viz. BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, for a deduction in the fee paid by those who are seeking an exit from the service.

TalkTalk had announced a change in its service rates on June 1, in all of its brands except for Tiscali, which will see the revised rates from November 1.

Meanwhile, Virgin Media and BT will consider the reduction in the fee in October.

"BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media do not believe their early termination charges were unfair. But, after constructive discussions, they have agreed to significantly reduce fee", said Ofcom.

As the original rates vary in different brands, under the current agreement, it is believed that some of the brands are likely to cut the charges by one-third.

The early exit from the service and the reduction in the fee are dependent on the number of months left before the termination of the subscription.

Ofcom said that the main idea behind the move is that the subscribers shall not be asked to pay more than the required amount.