Robots Will Carry Out Day-to-Day Tasks in Hospitals of U.K

Robots Day to DayTo carry out the day-to- day activities, a new hospital in Scotland is going to introduce a fleet of robots, for the very first time in the U. K. The robots will perform regular tasks like carrying clinical wastes, deliver food, dispense drugs and also clean the operation theatre.

Presently, they are undergoing final tests and they are part of a new $440 million hospital in the city of Larbert in central Scotland, which is going to open in August. To identify the objects standing in their way, the robots will be outfitted with sensors and will also command the doors to open.

The robots will run on their respective network of corridors underneath the hospital. This technology is already very popular in the hospitals of Japan, U. S and France, but in the U. K it is the first time that the state- of
-the-art technology is being used.

With the introduction of robots, there will be a less possibility of infection spread. Since, the usual dirty tasks and cleaning will be carried out by the same person.

"You'll have the robots that do dirty tasks, so they may take dirty linen or clinical waste away, and you'll have robots that do clean tasks, such as bringing meals and clean linen to patients", said an infection control nurse, Lesley Shepherd.