Cambridge College Builds Artificial Canal

Cambridge UniversityThe students at a Cambridge University college created an artificial 200 meter canal, which allowed them to punt at the May Ball, which is held in the month of June.

While most of the Cambridge colleges are on the river Cam, Sidney Sussex is not one of those colleges. The artificial canal was built by these students using scaffolding, as well as, plastic lining. It was built by 10 undergraduate students and they spent a week building the canal.

The people coming to the Venetian-themed ball were given the option of punting along the waterway. It was pointed by Denver Sheridan, 21, President of the May Ball committee that since the college did not have a canal, the students decided to build their own.

The students of the Sidney Sussex College spent a week building the 200 meters thorough their college courtyard. It took a year's planning and a week to complete the project. Everyone was very pleased with the results of the student's hard work.

The students spent nearly £5,000 to build the artificial canal. After the ball was completed, the canal was dismantled.

The canal was a wonder in itself and held more than 88,000 gallons of water and passed through the courtyards of the 16th Century College.

The ball was attended by more than 1200 guests. The College has produced famous personalities and five Noble Prize winners. Its famous alumni include Oliver Cromwell and Sherlock Holmes.