Former Rugby Star Fined

Former Rugby Star FinedJarrod McCracken has been fined $182,500 for razing protected bushland on a north Queensland property. Jarrod is a famous retired rugby player and he was also the Captain of the New Zealand team. He has now turned into a property developer and was fined for unauthorized clearing on his wife’s 387 hectare property.

He was fined by the Proserpine Magistrate’s Court for various charges including illegal tree cutting. He had already admitted to the charges that he was accused of, by the Department of Environment and Resource Management. The Whitsunday Regional Council also accused him for three charges. He pleaded guilty to all these charges on May 10.

Jarrod was fined and ordered to pay a fine of $140,000 apart from a penalty of $42,500 to the city council and costs of $33,000 by Magistrate, Athol Kennedy.

The Company, which carried out this work, Bastemeyer Group Pty Ltd. was also fined for $10,000 apart from a council penalty of $30,000 and other costs worth $8,000.

Jarred was severely criticized by Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk for his actions. She termed these charges as serious and felt that he completely disregarded everything and his actions severely harmed the environment of the region.

Due to this, almost 13 hectares of vegetation including the rare Whitsunday bottle trees were cleared. This also harmed the ecosystem of the Dryander National Park.

Jarrod claimed that the case against him was sensationalized by the media and his image was also responsible for him being targeted.