Ghrelin a hunger hormone can be blocked – new study

hungerA latest study discovers that hunger hormone called Ghrelin can be blocked with a pill.

Whenever a person feels hungry and likes to eat high calorie food, do not blame that person, the main factor behind his hunger is Ghrelin, hunger hormone that activate intense food cravings.

Dr. Tony Goldstone, an endocrinologist at Imperial College London and one of the authors of the study, said that development of a pill results in blocking Ghrelin and it is anticipated that it might block the food cravings for high calorie foods and thus helping the people to lose weight.

It is also examined that people who skips breakfast, they are more attracted to high calories food than low calorie food because their hunger hormones gets activated and they feel to eat more.

Researchers have examined 18 healthy men and women for three separate mornings and they were shown images of high-calorie and low-calorie food during their breakfast and were asked to rate them.

It was found that people who skip their breakfast and injected with ghrelin has a serious craving for foods like chocolate, cake and pizza.

Goldstone told HealthDay that several drug companies have been working hand in hand to develop a pill to fight against hunger hormone and their search still continues.