Mill Land Acts As a Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes in South Mumbai

The mill land, which is in and around South Mumbai, is becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are responsible for causing dangerous diseases, like malaria.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is now employing firemen to carry out fogging operations at the mill ground. Since June1, there have been around 1,418 cases of malaria in Mumbai. The data has been gathered from the public and private hospitals in the city.

On Friday, 63 patients suffering from Malaria were admitted to the hospitals in the city. Civic authorities have also revealed that around four people have lost their lives in the city due to malaria.

The numbers have highlighted the fact that majority of the patients diagnosed with malaria were migrants, who worked at construction spots.

An Officer from the Civic Health Department revealed that the building sites are causing a major problem, as they are ideal spots for the breeding of mosquitoes. He said that the migrant workers come from states like West Bengal, Orissa and also, from other northern states. These places come under the malaria belt.

Doctors are of the view that both strains of malaria vivax and falciparum are found in equal numbers.