Toyota Recalls 17,000 Sedans, Including 4000 in Dealership

Toyota Recalls 17,000 Sedans, Including 4000 in DealershipToyota has stopped all the sales of Lexus HS 250 hybrid, after the Government claims that hybrid could seep out fuel in a rear end collision. The Company said that it is going to recall 17000 sedans that have already been sold, including 4,000 in the dealership lot.

Toyota’s Spokesman, Brian Lyons said the way to solve the problem has not been found, yet.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Friday that the fault could result in a fire. Ford Pinto also, faced the same problem in 1979, which caused the death of 27 people and became the most publicized recalls of all time.

Lyons also made it clear that Toyota was unaware about the defects in the HS model, which was first launched in last summer.

The issues related to the new Lexus have landed Toyota into multiple congressional hearings and hundreds of lawsuits.

The Company’s President, Akio Toyoda has also, publically apologized for the inconvenience. The recall of 17,000 sedans is a very less number, as compared to 10 million recall notices issued by Toyota, since September.

Lyons also said in his statement that Toyota carried out tests to confirm that the Lexus hybrid was in conformity with federal safety standards before releasing the vehicle and at times, no troubles with the fuel tank were found.