More Stress from Partners than Bosses

StressAccording to a recent poll, partners make life more stressful as compared to bosses. The poll was conducted on 3000 people and 43% owed their stress to their bosses, while 58% revealed that there partners were responsible for their stressful situation.

Also, according to 18% women and 12% men, partners are a “big source" of stress. The survey found that people in Britain are not happy with their physical condition and well being. However, they are certain that they will not have to face the worst situation.

49% women said that their weight was an important factor in their health, while 27% said that salary is important for health and well being.

The survey highlighted that women are two times more likely to get anxious about the future effect of obesity on their health.

However, as women get old their concern regarding weight decreases. The poll discovered that 37% of women above the age of 65 said that weight is important as compared to 18% women in the age group of 18 to 24.

The survey also revealed that 37% men believe that weight was important, whilst 33% owe their health and well being to wages.

50% of men and 325 women were contended with their weight.