ICANN says ‘yes’ to Chinese character domain names

ICANN has given a nod for the creation of domains that makes use of the Chinese characters.

Introduction of Chinese characters in web domain names is believed to be a step towards creation of the internationalized domain names that are do not use Latin characters.

ICANN adds that with this move internet companies based in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong can now assert Chinese domain names to people and organisations. And according to the ICANN head, Rod Beckstrom, this move aims at increasing the potential online accessibility as one fifth of the world's population speaks Chinese.

Similarly IDNs for 20 other international languages are lined up that will include support for Thai and Tamil characters.

However we too agree with the following finding that reveals 60 per cent of all internet users do not speak English, but still it remains to be dominant across the web and this move by ICANN will surely adhere to solve this contradictory situation.