Excess Red Meat Consumption Should Be Avoided, Say Nutritionists

Australians eat an average of 110 kilos of meat per year. Experts have mixed views about the benefit of red meat for the body.

Some experts say that red meat has got the important nutrients, while others believe that it is a modern day toxin. Doctors reveal that bowel, prostate and breast cancer and heart disease are caused due to eating excessive meat.

People, who do not consume animal protein, may not get adequate nutrients like vitamin B12, iron and iodine. Therefore, it is essential to know that how much meat a person should consume.

Director of Food and Nutrition Australia, Sharon Natoli, limited consumption of lean meat is good for maintaining health.

She disclosed that the organization is in favor of consumption of a variety of proteins from many sources. She said that legumes contain a good quantity of fibre, zinc and iron. But, she revealed that a person can easily get the required nutrients, if meat is a part of their diet.

According to Natoli, meat supplies zinc, iron, omega-3s and B vitamins, that is very easily absorbed by the body.

Nutritionist, Dr. Rosemary Stanton, is of the view that the meat should not be consumed in large quantity.