Exercise Affects the Brain, Reveals Study

A new study reveals that exercise has an impact on the health of the brain. The study was conducted in Toronto and it focused on 9,344 elderly women from the United States.

These women described the levels of their physical activity at four phases of their life. These activities were measured when they were at the age of 30, 50 and 65.

The results of their physical activity were then compared with their mental performance at the time of the study. The outcome signaled that working out has an impact on the physical condition of the brain.

Dr. Laura Middleton from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre revealed that women who were more active at every age had decreased rates of cognitive impairments as compared to their inactive counterparts.

More importantly working out in teen years has more positive results. Middleton discloses that the most important outcome of the study is that physical activity in teenage is associated with the probability of cognitive impairment at an advanced age.

However, getting involved in exercise at any stage of life is beneficial for the brain and the body and it also reduces the chances of cognitive impairment.