Defective payroll system

Paul LucasThe Queensland Public Sector Union (QSPU) has warned the government of the risk involved in change of payroll system for the Department of Community Safety, after the Queensland Health fiasco. The auditor-general’s critical report has raised many questions about problems with fraud and security issues of the software.

Following this the government has decided to split health payroll services to local hubs, though it still believes in centralising the payroll system. Alex Scott, the state secretary of QSPU is of the opinion that Community Safety is the second most complicated system and changing it is a high risk strategy, after the failure of health department.

QSPU has also sought the resignation of the Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Paul Lucas and has started a campaign for greater ministerial accountability. Their rationale was that either the minister either knew about the risks in the system and chose to proceed, or he didn't know about the risks when he should have.

Alex Scott said that the union planned to meet with Government to discuss problems with software. Minister for Information and Communication technology Robert Schwarten has clarified that he has not ignored warnings about the security of public sector pay systems. He believes that improvements have been made and there has been no major fraud affecting the system. Mr. Shwarten has also agreed that the government would conduct a review of CorpTech, who has been the IT service provider.

He has said that Centralising has been an efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with the business of government . This reveals his faith in streamlining.

Mr. Schwarten said there was no plan to go back to the days when every agency was doing its own thing in HR and payroll.”That was identified as being ineffective.” he said.