Conflict of Windfarms

Conflict of WindfarmsThe fear of health risks due to the wind farms has reignited the calls for State government-led investigations. Several residents of Waubara in Victoria’s south-west are of the belif that the wind turbunes near their property are the cause for their ill health. Noel Dean a former resident moved out of his farm complaining that his family suffered from Sore ears, pain in and around the eyes, behind the ears and pain at the back of the head and tinnitius.

After his complain to the wind farm operator Acciona in May yielded no results he commissioned an independent report, investigating the infrasound levels on his property at a cost of more than $40000. His report by Noise Measurement services concluded that there was a link between the low- frequency noise from turbines and the adverse health affects on his family.

Simon Chapman, a Professor at University of Sydney School of Public Health is of the opinion that so-called research firms fabricate all sorts of reports and conclusions as they are bised towards the commissioning person. He further goes on to say that new technologies have always created a sense of false threat which raise anxiety and concern amongst the community.

The wind farm operators receive money ranging from $7000 to $10000 per turbine and they have not reported any adverse health effects. National Health and Medical Research Council has seconded Professor Chapman’s opinion as they have found no evidence of direct pathological effects from wind farms after gathering evidence from all around the world.

He even cites the studies of World Health Organisation. Political parties and ministers are using this controversy as an election issue as many residents have raised voice against wind farming alleging that only overseas studies which suit the company are being cited. The National Environment Protection and Heritage Council is about to consider national wind farm development guidelines.