Lansley’s White Paper streamlines NHS

Lansley’s White Paper streamlines NHSAs Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s plan to streamline NHS attracts criticism from various places, he announced yesterday, “The NHS is to be slimmed down, smartened up, and democratised to deliver better quality care.”

In England it will be the GPs now who will be responsible for giving better services to patients as they take charge of the bulk of the £105bn budget and patients get greater control.

Launching a white paper Liberating the NHS, Lansley stated that patient choice would get an expansion, GPs are better at understanding what a patient wants so health would be improved, and this set up could be one of the best in the world.

The Nuffield Trust said, "It is risky now to reduce central grip, given the urgent need to make efficiencies in today's economic climate."

There are other medical organosations that state that such a major over haul might not prove good at the moment.

GPs would be responsible and free to buy care for patients from hospitals. About 70 per cent of NHS budget would be controlled by them.

Lansley said, "GPs can't generate a surplus and pocket it, nor if they fail will they become personally liable."