Diabetes drug of Glaxo will be subjected to a panel vote of US advisers

Diabetes drug of Glaxo will be subjected to a panel vote of US advisersOn Wednesday a diabetes drug’s fate will be decided when it will be subjected to the votes of Us advisers on if the drug which is widely used poses too much of heart attack risk to get sold in the market.This drug is fromGlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L)  

A panel consisting of outside experts has been appointed to take this major decision. This can help the department of Food and Drug Administration to settle the dispute which is present for the last three years on safety issues of Avandia.    

Opinions, on risk associated with the usage of Avandia are mixed within the department. On Tuesday, there is every possibility of opinions getting split amongst the panel consisting of 33 members of scientific experts, after hours of discussion on data whether Avandia poses risks of heart attacks.

In the United States of America the sell of Avandia generated 1.5 % of the total revenue of Glaxo for the year 2009. But according to investors, possibility of facing more lawsuits by the company is very much on the cards if the drug is withdrawn from the market.  

According to Bloomberg, on Tuesday, Glaxo has agreed to shell out $460 million for settling thousands of cases filed against Avandia.

Glaxo will pay on an average of $46,000 for each of about 10,000 suits. A spokeswoman of Glaxo refused to comment. Reuters approached Plaintiffs’ lawyers, who also could not confirm.

The panels of advisers are to cast their votes on Wednesday. Their votes will be to recommend whether the drug should be kept in the market without any warnings, or it should be withdrawn, also whether to put restrictions on its use or adding up warnings on the label of the drug.

The FDA asked the panel members to choose one amongst the five options, so a clear majority may not be reached. The agency in the coming months will take the final decision but it is likely to follow the advice given by the panel