Chinese Hospital Refuses to Admit HIV+ Woman

Doctors in the People's Hospital of Dalate Qi refused admitting an injured migrant worker, after they found that the woman was HIV+. She was working at a construction site in Magolia region.

The 37 years old, Li Na was injured due to a beating on Monday, when she and the other workers had demanded for the wages to their Company and this in turn led to her being beaten up.

Her co-worker informed that she was hit more than five times, after which her mouth started bleeding. He said that the lady was not allotted a room in the hospital and even the Company threatened that if the lady didn't leave the hospital, nobody would be paid their wages.

Her co-worker Wu has informed the reporters that she was infected with the virus ten years ago, when she donated blood in Henan.

Henan is that region in China, where many villages were affected with the virus, after a scandal of blood selling. In that blood scandal, the blood centers collected the blood in a tub and then injected it back in the people after taking the plasma from it.

People with HIV positive cases face a lot of discrimination in China. After this incident, even other new co-workers of Li have stopped interacting with her and this has really made her all the more depressed.