Volkswagen to revive Lupo, start sales in 2012

Volkswagen to revive Lupo, start sales in 2012Auto maker, Volkswagen is set to revive the Lupo name which went out of production in 2005. The company will revive it as the entry level model in the lineup.

Volkswagen is expected to expand across four different brands as part of its efforts to become a global leader by 2018. With the codename, UP, the Lupo will be added to the Audi, Seat and Skoda lineups. It will replace even the compact car Polo to become the entry level car from Volkswagen.

The Lupo will be produced in Slovakia and will be the first model in the New Small Family (NSF) from the company. Volkswagen has launched various ‘Up’ Models in the last few years displaying its capabilities in interior space, electric vehicle engineering, hybrid technology and light weight technologies.

The Lupo will 2-inches narrower, 20-inches shorter than the Polo and it while it will be 1.3-inches taller. The company is expected to launch the car with a 65-hp 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine and a 75-hp 1.2-liter diesel. Initially the car will be launched with a 3-door and later a 5-door model will launched with an 85-hp 1.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder.

Volkswagen will also introduce the electric version of the car in limited markets in the United States.