Blood Donations Drives to be Held in America and Australia

Blood Donations Drives to be Held in America and AustraliaAccording to Fond du Lac County American Red Cross, Chapter Executive Director, Peter Sensenbrenner, summers are not a good time for blood donations.

Explaining the reason behind this, Peter said, that summers are a time when people are in a mood of relaxing and going on vacations and for making the noble cause of blood donation more popular among people for summers, it is important to advertize harder.

In the warmer weather, the national contribution for blood donation is recorded to be 80%, against the number of donations in other times of the year.

In the blood donation drives, donors having different blood groups, donate blood. The blood group that is most needed is type 0 blood, as it can be transferred to patients with any blood group in an emergency.

Rose Faucher is a known donor and organizer of many blood donation drives. He shared that people in Mount Calvary have a family tradition of donating blood for generations.

Also, National Blood Donor Week will commence tomorrow at Bundaberg, Australia, with a number of events, which will be held throughout the week in order to make people know the importance of the cause.

This event will start from the main street and will end at Hinkler Central on Thursday. The valedictory function will be marked by a ceremony on Friday.