China Reports Rapid Increase in the Number of Internet Users

China Reports Rapid Increase in the Number of Internet UsersThe number of people accessing the internet regularly in China, as recorded in June, has touched the 420 million mark, with large numbers of people in the rural areas switching to the web.

Figures show that over the last 6 months, the number has significantly risen by 36 million in the country.

The industry analysts have credited the emergence of the 3G and 4G services run on the wide variety of smartphones available across the world, for the increment in internet usage.

They said that the Wi-Fi-enabled phones like iPhones and BlackBerrys are chiefly responsible for the rise.

The number of people availing internet in China currently, accounts to 31.8% of the nation’s entire population.

A survey shows that the average amount of time spent by the people in China, on the internet, has surged to 19.8 hours a week.

Nonetheless, large parts of the nation still face problems of narrow bandwidth, which leads to a sloth in the speed of access, especially in contrast with the speed of the service in the US and Japan.

Wang Chen, Government Internet regulator, said, “As long as our Internet is open to the public, there will be channels and means for netizens to express all sorts of speech”.