Affle introduces new Smartphone messenger

Affle introduces new Smartphone messengerAffle has introduces its new Smartphone messenger named Pinch which is able to find friends across various tools and platforms like Blackberry, Android, Facebook and Twitter.

Pinch combines messenger and location based services. It allows users to send messages across different platforms without any cost. The messenger also allows sharing of location and offers 475 emotions in the database.

“The Company has upgraded 3 Million SMS users already in the Asian Market and we are now aiming to convert them from SMS to Pinch. Our R&D team is working on to improve and maximize the user experience to the max,” said Anuj Khanna, the CEO of Affle.

Pinch features animations, pictures, emoticons and push notifications and will also allow written messages across platforms without SMS charges. The contact and group management services allow users to find their friends on different platforms and social networking sites through contacts.

The company has launched the messenger in India and globally for a price of $0.99 till the 19th July. The price will remain for the next two months. To promote the product Affle has also announced free gifts for the next one year. It will offer 25 iTunes Gift Cards every week and 1 iPad every month.