Facebook to overtake Orkut in India

Facebook to overtake Orkut in IndiaAccording to a report from comScore, social networking site Facebook is fast emerging as the leading player in the Indian market while challenging rival Orkut.

Facebook is global social networking leader with more than half a billion users much ahead of Orkut from Google. Orkut however is a leader in India and Brazil and has remained so for some time. However, Facebook is now consolidating its position and is growing much faster than its rival.

According to the report, Orkut had 19.7 million unique visitors in May against 18 million unique visitors for Facebook. Last year, Facebook had only had only 6.5 million users which means that it grew by 177%, while Orkut grew only by 35%. Going by this rate Facebook might have already overtaken Orkut by now in the country.

Facebook has also expanded its operations to India in March this year. The company has set up a campus in Hyderabad and is in the process of hiring 500 professionals.

It already recruited Kirthiga Reddy as Director of Online Operations and Manoj Varghese as Director of User Operations.