Web running out of IPv4 addresses, experts

ip-addressExperts have warned that the IPv4 address on the World Wide Web will run out by March 2012. The governments around the world are getting ready to use the newer version of Internet protocol that will offer enhanced options for the users.

"Over 18.4 million registered addresses in India have overburdened the initial version of address platforms, which is expected to exhaust the available space globally by March 2012," according to a statement by the ministry of communications and information technology on Wednesday.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has prepared a roadmap for the change and it will be followed by telecom and Internet providers, central and state government departments, industry associations, education institutes and equipment manufacturers, according to the ministry.

Tech experts are now preparing for the change to IPv6. According to Union Communications Minister A. Raja the roadmap and IPv6 task force will enable transition to the new protocol by March 2012.

He expressed that to achieve this goal all service providers will have to become complaint to the new standard by December-2011. Government officials have said that the new protocol has extended capabilities and can be made available to all of the populating. The new protocol is currently being implemented in countries like US, EU and Japan.