Arabic newspaper sued for Dh200m

A pan-Arab satellite television's CEO recently filed the highest libel claim of Dh200 million against an Arabic newspaper, which was examined by the Civil Court yesterday.
The Dubai-based newspaper was accused of allegedly defaming the Canadian media executive's reputation; and was sued for Dh200 million. 

The CEO specified that an article published by the daily had tarnished his reputation, as it said that he had molested an Egyptian lawyer. 

The lawsuit said: "Attributing the news to an Egyptian newspaper, the defendant published, on its website and in print, that the lawyer lodged a police complaint against the CEO allegedly accusing him of requesting bizarre sexual services & the defendant added untrue and baseless details about the CEO."

The lawsuit further added: "The defendant's article humiliated, shamed and dishonored the CEO by baselessly and maliciously accusing him of being a homosexual& the claimant was on the verge of getting married."