Hackers infected 1.2m computers through Eleonore Explots Toolkit

Hackers infected 1.2m computers through Eleonore Explots ToolkitResearchers at security firm, AVG have discovered a network of more than 1.2 million malware-infected computers that were infected by hackers using commercial attack software called Eleonore exploit toolkit.

The Eleonore exploit toolkit enables hackers to infect a computer with a malare and also monitor those systems without the owner’s knowledge. The network of hacked computers was discovered after a two month study by AVG.

The security firm found that Eleonore exploit toolkit has a 10 percent success rate in infecting the 12 million users who visited the site. The research team also found that the 165 domains exploited by the hackers have high volumes of traffic.

Yuval Ben-Itzhak, senior vice president, AVG Technologies said, “The accessibility and sophistication of easy-to-use cyber criminal toolkits proves that cyber gangs are raising the bar to monetize their criminal activities.”

“That is why it’s more important than ever for families, corporations and other computer users to protect their computers from being targeted by this kind of increasingly popular cyber attacks,” he added.

AVG researchers were able to take advantage of one of the weaknesses in the Eleonore toolkit and collect statistics which allowed them to better know the scale of attacks. First the hackers silently infect the computer with a malware and then when it is installed it sells this information to spammers and others.