Scams involving Medicare rebates, seniors cautioned

Scams involving Medicare rebates, seniors cautionedIf seniors hit the gap in prescription drug coverage, they do not have to do anything for receiving a rebate check of $250, advocates for senior citizens are reminding people on Medicare.

The Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging said, “Scammers in other states are asking seniors for personal information such as Social Security or Medicare numbers.”

Seniors should be cautious before giving that information and that no application forms are needed for the rebate checks, Senior Medicare Patrol program director Tamra Simpson said.

It is not needed to apply for the new benefit by seniors as their eligibility would be confirmed by the government seeing the Medicare prescription drug plan they are taking.

Simpson has stated that this year about four million seniors and disabled people will get checks.

She also stated that seniors have to pay extra attention towards keeping their information to themselves only as scammers are on a prowl already to take advantage by promising them that they would get the check soon. Nothing of this sort would happen and the rebate checks would arrive when they have to, she added.