Japanese arrested for sharing TV shows

Japanese arrested for sharing TV showsA Japanese citizen has been arrested for exchanging unauthorized TV shows via BitTorrent.

Considered to be one of a kind arrest which occurred in, Japan for the torrent usage. Shuichiro Tanaka of Saitama Prefecture was taken in custody by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s cyber crimes division for uploading and sharing TV shows.

In lieu of this arrest authorities stated that from June 4th to 9th, Tanaka was responsible of the programs using his computer then uploaded them via BitTorrent.

And it was further added that Tanaka allegedly has uploaded 165 episodes of different shows such as "Waratte Iitomo" and "Genius! Shimura Zoo," till date.

Tanaka stated in his defense plainly claiming: "I did it for people who missed the programs. Because there is a potential for viruses on Winny [another popular Japanese peer-to-peer file sharing program] and others, I used BitTorrent, which I heard police weren’t investigating."