Rights groups rejected Vedanta claims

Rights groups rejected Vedanta claimsAction Aid and Amnesty International have rejected the efforts made by the British mining firm Vedanta to sport down its so called pollution and human rights mistreatment in India previous to its AGM in London.

The human rights organizations have destined the Vedanta's policy to open a bauxite mine in the Niyamgiri hills in Orissa state as according to them the hills are the abode of the Kondh tribes people who are relying on them for all their natural resources. Further they claimed that the projected site of the mine is a consecrated site.

Vendanta tried to make an effort on Wednesday to downplay the assertion of its getting involved in the pollution and human rights abuses, asserting that it was sturdy on prolonged development.

Moreover the campaigners assert that the group has expelled people without payments and its existing aluminum refinery in the surrounding has polluted the local water supplies as well.

According to the Action Aid campaigner Lotty Reynolds she was totally appalled when she went there.