Private firm to built Sunderbans embankments

Private firm to built Sunderbans embankments The state government in the W. Bengal has signed a memorandum of understanding with private player Consulting Engineering Services (CES) on Monday for the reconstruction of river embankments in the Sunderbans that were affected by cyclone Aila last year.

The project named, ‘Reconstruction, remodeling and improvement of Aila-affected blocks of Sunderbans’ will provide natural embankments including earth work and mangrove plantations which will be able to withstand cyclones of upto 142 km per hour thus providing safe habitat to inhabitants.

CES managing director S S Chakraborty expressed that the project worth Rs 5,000 crore will be completed in a period of three years.

"This project is the first of its kind in Bengal. We will reconstruct the damaged embankments in such a way that they become resistant to storms like Aila for the next 50 years," he said.

The project was arranged by the state irrigation and waterways department and examined by the Planning Commission and the union ministry of water resources. The central and the state governments will pay both the project in the ratio of 75:25.

Mr. Chakraborty expressed that out of the total 3,100 km of embankments in Sunderbans about 180 km stretch was washed away by Aila and caused damage to another 600 km making it venerable to even slower storms. He stresses that the reconstruction, remodeling and restoration work should be carried out in the entire damaged area.