Breastfeeding good for mother and baby

Breastfeeding good for mother and babyIt is the breast feeding week and a World Breastfeeding Celebration on Saturday, August 14, will be hosted by Pitt County Health Department, the Pitt County Breastfeeding Advisory Council, La Leche League and Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Breast feeding information sessions will be given at the celebration that will take place at the Pitt County Agriculture Center located at 403 Government Circle in Greenville.

Apart from the information session there will be refreshments, a rockin romp station where women can feed their babies and door prizes will also be there.

It has been known that breastfeeding is important for the baby as well as for mothers too. Its importance has been emphasized upon by almost all professional and medical organisations across the globe.

With breastfeeding babies can be protected from various problems like severe lower respiratory tract infections, reduced risk of acute otitis media, and sudden infant death syndrome apart from providing various nutritional benefits.

Apart from babies being benefited even women are protected from ovarian, breast cancers, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.