Specific genetic changes can lead to heart attacks

Genes CoronariesIt has been found by researchers that people can be more susceptible to heart attacks by.

The base that has been used by scientists for stating the above is latest biological and genetic links between cholesterol and coronary heart disease. These findings can lead to a new drug being created to treat the disease.

Researchers also stated that diet plays an important role in increasing the risk of heart attacks but it is not the case with everyone as there are some people who can eat whatever they like without thinking.

It shows that how the bodies manage cholesterol levels depends upon genetic differences.

About 95 different genetic alterations that play a role in how cholesterol is managed was found by performing genetic scans across the whole DNA of over 100,000 individuals.

One of these changes were examined by researchers and it was found that through a previously unknown biological mechanism, the changes work.

This also informs the doctors about who is most at risk.

Dr. Sekar Kathiresan, co-author of the report said, "Although blood concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides have long been known as risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the extent to which genetics contributes to those concentrations and just how alterations in the underlying genes leads to the development of disease has been incredibly difficult to piece together."