IPod zombies the warning for motorists

IPod zombies the warning for motoristsWith trickled images of the new iPod Touch, consumers would be setting up their next purchase, but the Automobile Association, has swayed warning signals to the drivers regarding the pedestrians experiencing iPod stupor.

The AA has pragmatic 'iPod zombie pedestrians who stepped in a stupor like state when utilizing MP3 players, phones and electronic coordinator that might deadly for everyone on the road.

According to Edmund King, AA President, they can't end the march of technology however they need to cut short the 'iPod pedestrian, cycle and driver zombies'.

Whether on two wheels, two feet's or four, so many people are distressed from the so-called 'iPod stupor.

The AA Insurance records that further drivers crafting claims for slight shove are quoting 'pedestrians' or iPod tiring pedestrians as the reason.