Warped dad hurried to hospital

Warped dad hurried to hospitalThe father of gone astray of six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams was rushed to hospital yesterday since collapsing at home and vomiting blood, as worry over the child's situation turned agonizing for her family.

And police exposed previous night that they were examining a female neighbor witnessing Kiesha with a family member close to her street, Woodstock Avenue in Mount Druitt, on July 23 either 24.

Further yesterday an ambulance was called to the Tregear home of Kiesha's father Chris Weippeart, who is a diabetic and lately had a toe surgically removed, since he collapsed into the arms of his brother Matthew.

As per Matthew, who is a nightclub bouncer from the Gold Coast swayed in to offer his support said that he walked in and he then collapsed in his arms.

He added that the person hasn't been sleeping he hasn't gone out of the house as the TV cameras were place out in the front. People have been falsification his words.

Mr. Weippeart's mother, Elizabeth Weippeart, expressed that her son was on a drip and hospital staff voiced that his blood pressure was down.