Australian Sex party requested to decriminalize the drug usage

Australian-Sex-PartyAustralian Sex party asked for decriminalization of drug usage and request the government to sent drug abusers to rehabilitation centers instead of imprisonment. Recently, a survey conducted in Australia by Professor Paul Wilson, an Australian criminologist, reveals that Australia had to bear $3.8 billion every year on drug usage.

Australian Sex party has launched a revolutionary drug law policy in Sydney, which was attended by Fiona Patten, party president and Victorian Senate candidate.

During the launch, she agreed to decriminalize but not legalize the consumption of drugs for personal use, up to a total of 14 days' supply per person if the party won a seat in federal parliament. The policy also looked for the legalization of cannabis for certain medical usage and heroin for certain prescribed registered users.

Although Ms Patten has accepted to decriminalize the drug usage but make sure that drug trafficking among minor would remain a criminal offense. She stated that ten years ago the policy was implemented in Portugal which has shown positive results by declining the drug usage. Now people are seeking health assistance for their drug abuse in Portugal and the ratio of such persons has nearly tripled.

But Mr. Wilson is against the policy and holds a view that the policy will not run for long rather he called for shift in the pattern of drug abuse.

In addition to this demand, the Australian Sex Party has also called for an adult video sex chat through renovating Broadcasting services Act with the help of the capabilities of the iPhone 4 and similar mobile devices. US industry is already working to find out the ways to introduce this feature in the iPhone 4's Face Time feature.