New Chairman of Portsmouth a UAE businessman

Tuesday saw a businessman from the United Arab Emirates becoming the Chairman of Portsmouth, after the English Premier League had approved his proposed financial takeover of the soccer club.

Sulaiman al-Fahim - who required convincing the league that he was a suitable person to take control of the club from the current owner Alexandre Gaydamak, who has decided to sell it - had helped the takeover of Manchester City last September, on behalf of an Abu Dhabi investment group.

It was announced by Portsmouth soon after the league's announcement that Al-Fahim would join the board as the Chairman immediately.

Al-Fahim said: "I very much look forward to working closely with the club's management and supporters to develop Portsmouth Football Club and deliver future success." "The club has a long and fine history of achievement that I intend to build on."

Peter Storrie, who is staying on as the club's chief executive, said: "This appointment brings stability to the club and is excellent news for Pompey supporters. I have every reason to believe that, together with the new chairman, we will be able to take the club forward to further achievements, building on the successes of the past three years."