Mental illness affecting more college students

Mentally-illA recent data has suggested that there is a rise in the number of college students who suffer from a mental illness.

About 3,265 college going students had gone for using campus counselling services between September 1997 to August 2009 and this data had come from there. The disorders that were treated there were self-injurious behaviours, mental disorders and suicidal thoughts.

About 93 per cent college-going students in 1998 were figured out to be suffering from atleast one mental disorder and in 2009 this number went up and it became 96 per cent. There was a rise in students with moderate to severe depression also increased from 34 to 41 per cent. And students who took psychiatric medicines also increased from 11 to 24 per cent.

But it was stated that there were improvements in the number of students who had suicidal thoughts after counselling as the number had fell.

In recent years there have been efforts meant for improving the life of students with mental illness.

The lead author of the study, John Guthman of Hofstra University, said, "Our findings may suggest that students with severe emotional stress are getting better education, outreach and support during childhood that makes them more likely to attend college than in the past."