Leighton Holdings going to get profit of $1 billion

Leighton Holdings going to get profit of $1 billionThe stock prices of some of the big companies in Australia are trading at very low due to which the financial crisis still continues in the country.

But there are also some companies which are going good in their shares despite of the financial debacle in the market. Leighton Holdings is holding the top spot among such companies.

As per a report, the CEO of the company Mr. Wal King has informed that his company is going to achieve revenue figure of more than 1 billion dollar in between coming five years. This statement is going to get some good news for the Australia's economy which is in a serious fall down this year so far.

The CEO has also said that the company's joint venture with Middle East will be the most profitable and it will be one of the finest deals for the company so far.

Surely if in such a critical situation, the company can gain profits then it will be an added advantage for it. The company is going to process its annual financial soon.