Australia, New Zealand joint venture is going to collapse

Australia, New Zealand joint venture is going to collapseThe joint venture activities which were between two neighbors Australia and New Zealand are going to be ended soon. Recently there has been a bank investment deal to be settled between the two countries but after some days this deals was withdrawn in a very suspicious circumstance.

For such issues the joint ventures between the two countries are just in a mess and business activities are going to be collapsed.

As per the report, 40.5 billion dollar deals have already been thrown out in Australia which is the maximum among the other deals in the ongoing decade.

There had been 62 deals drawn back in the previous year but in this year so far there have been already 52 drawn back deals and this is a very critical issue to look after.

Also there is been a report which states that the domestic deals which are forwarded this year so far are fall down to 52 percent with an amount of 30.8 billion dollar which is a least amount since last 4 years.