Stockland wants Aevum shares

AevumThe Australian property ace Stockland which has made a deal of 266 million dollars with 1.5 dollar per share and on the other hand, its rival Aevum has rejected the deal because they want at least 1.95 dollar per share.

The CEO of the firm Mathew Quinn has stated that there was no misunderstanding between the two parties before. But after the rejection of Aevum it is real shocking news for the Stockland. But as per Stockland, the company is once again going to set a bid. This time it is anticipating capturing the Aevum shares. It is been reported that Stockland’s bid on August 2nd was disapproved by Aevum.

But Stockland wants to discuss about it with Aevum and also if needed then it may go for some extra percentage for the bidding to the Aevum market shares.

This kind of approach of Stockland shows that the company is desperate to purchase the Aevum shares. The officials of Aevum have said that, the planning of Stockland is very forceful and due to this reason the bid was rejected for Stockland earlier.