Samsung Galaxy tablet’s firmware leaked on net

Samsung Galaxy tablet’s firmware leaked on netThe very first version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab has come on the net soon after the specs for the same comes out and supposedly will be featuring on Android OS 2.2.

As per the reports of Samsung-Firmwares. com, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, also known as P1000, will allegedly be able to equip a European version of the tablet, essentially the one that goes along with a Vodafone model.

The firmware is said to be in its third version and would have had launched on 10th of August (last week) and aims at offering a WVGA screen, a QVGA front webcam and a 2048x1536 rear camera.

The tablet will be running on a S5PC110 processor, which again was launched earlier on September 2009, and runs with 1GHz speed based on Cortex A8-based core.

The S5PC110 can aid in playing 1080p content that comes with default HDMI interface and supposedly is there in the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

Some of the other traits of the Samsung-Firmware include Wi-Fi, Swype, Bluetooth, GPS, Javascript and Flash compatibility coming with Froyo.