Third Case of Superbug Examined in Canada

Superbug bacteriaA third case has been witnessed in Canada of a man infected with the superbug named as NDM-1, in a Brampton hospital. Another two cases were found in Alberta and British Columbia. The superbug was detected last week, in a man, who went to India for a treatment and retuned back to Brampton with the sickness that was examined by lab tests carried out at the region’s William Osler Health Centre.

He was put on antibiotics and has recovered now. The case is not a matter of worry for the region’s people and the people in the hospital, as said by the Ministry of Health. Joanne Woodward Fraser, the Spokesman for Ministry stated that the eruption of the case was not at all unexpected, as two such cases were also detected in the past.

NDM-1 is believed to come from South Asia, particularly from Pakistan and India and that by getting treatment or surgeries over there. In that region, around 100 such cases have been reported. NDM-1 stands for New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase, a bacterium that attaches itself with other bacteria such as E. coli and transfers to the human body, causing effects that cannot be even checked by the antibiotics.

Studies have been carried out by Dr. Dylan Pillai, a Medical Microbiologist with the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion on NDM-1, after its occurrence in New Delhi. He said, “Some people infected with the bacteria can be treated by a cocktail of antibiotics, but for others the infection will simply run its course and disappear”. He cited no worry against the infection from the bacteria.