Scientists discovered new method of weighing planetary systems

Scientists discovered new method of weighing planetary systemsAn international team of scientists headed by an Australian discovered a new method of weighing planetary systems. With this method scientists will be able know the fine tune models of the solar system to improve spacecraft flight plans.

Unwrapping this discovery will pace the mission for gravity waves, the ripples in space and most of all it will help in solving the theory of relativity predicted by Albert Einstein in 1915.

The new discovery to measure the weight of planets uses radio signals regularly emitted by small rapidly spinning stars called pulsars.

Team leader David Champion said that this would be the first time when planets would be weighed with their moons and rings.

The findings of the study will be published in an upcoming edition of the Astronomical Journal.

So far planets are weighed on the basis of the orbits of their moons or of spacecraft as they flew past them and by calculating the planet's gravitational pull.

The new approach is more adaptable as compared to the existing approach of measuring the weights of the planets said by the team member and CSIRO astrophysicist George Hobbs.