Internships available for medical students is falling short in Australia

Shortage-Doctors-AustraliaAustralia is facing shortage of doctors and to fulfill this shortfall, many students gave joined medical but unfortunately there is a shortage of internships. Medical students are requesting national authorities to intervene into this problem because without hospital internships they cannot complete their qualifications.

At present the overseas students are the one who missing out the placements and it is estimated that if number of internships are not increased over the coming two years then numerous Australian medical students have to bear the consequences.

This emergency arises because of absence of coordination between the states, said by Australian Medical Students Association president Ross Roberts-Thomson.

He also said that in the year 2004, there are 1500 medical graduates and now the number has almost double itself.

Further he told that immediate steps should be taken to solve this problem otherwise country will be filled with lot of doctors without jobs and the money & time invested on their studies will be considered as waste.

He said that the primary solution to the problem is appointment of a single national body that will be looking for the Australia's clinical training and internship capacity. The national body will also determine the total number of students going into Australia's universities so that a steady team of new doctors should be produced avoiding any types of blockages.