Sony moves to block Playstation 3 Mod chip sale

Sony moves to block Playstation 3 Mod chip saleThe new mod chip and recently created and manifested in the world for those interested in buying it. The parts of the production cycle for the PS3 to take place in China or Hong Kong.

The new legal decision Sony will effectively control all the stock that the seller ship mod has until August 31.

If Sony fails with its opinion the dealer will be able to get mod chip is back and will be able to sell them. The devices are offered to those who are interested in creating backups for their content legally obtained.

Sony has been proud of the fact that the PlayStation 3 was not breached and that the securities could not be launched to pirate. This year a hardware modder had announced that he could use the other OS functionality to run a limited number of programs carried out on Sony hardware prompting the company to put out a firmware update.

The PlayStation 3 has been completely breached with video that suggests that users can use the backup files and USB drives the implementation of content without using the disc. Piracy is a major problem for the video game industry right now.