Dragons fight for Kymera wands

Dragons fight for Kymera wandsThe Kymera wand seemingly has taken Dragons Den by storm, as the five entrepreneurs seem to making a bid in share prices in the industry.

The master head of the invention Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley have reportedly already sold out more than 20,000 wands since it was released in a year’s span.

The least number of gestures recorded from the wand were estimated to be 13 and each gesture responsible for certain function that range from changing a TV channel, or turning volume up and down.

The technology resembles more like the Nintendo Wii.

Meanwhile the supposed number of bids that have come up are five in number in favor on the Dragons Den table, totaling £900,000, the entrepreneurs however have agreed to vouch for record-breaking £200,000 bid from Duncan Bannatyne for a 20 percent share in the firm.

Bannatyne’s share dipped to 10 percent soon after first year profits from the device reach £1.2 million.