Orange soon to offer calls with HD Voice

OrangeMobile network operator Orange seemingly is on the surge to become the first ever service provider to offer high-definition voice calls via its new service called as HD voice feature. According to a report by the France-Telecom company the design has been made so to cut out on the background noise and offer better voice clarity.

It was further stated that the service relies on a technology termed as Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (AMR-WB), which comes follows the international standards devised by 3G network providers across the globe. It was further stated that AMR-WB works by suppressing voice signals on a network in a better manner, by aiding in offering a better quality of service.

According to the reports by UK mobile service providers the services will soon be followed out in Orange's footsteps to install the technology on their respective platforms. Ofcom has already claimed that installation of this technology seemingly proves to be easy as it requires a basic software upgrade at base station. An official word by the BBC News head of research at Ofcom, William Webb, said “There is a commercial incentive to squash the data as much as possible. But you can't go too far. The trick is to find the balance point, the sweet spot.”