Superbugs can be killed in 5 minutes

Superbugs can be killed in 5 minutesA major breakthrough by developing a drug which could kill deadly superbugs like C-diff and MRSA has been supposedly achieved by British scientists.

Various intestinal problems and diarrhoea is caused by C-Diff or Clostridium difficile while MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus causes infections that are difficult to treat in humans. Both these bacteria strike people when they are in hospitals.

But it has been claimed by a British team that five minutes are all that are needed by anti-bacterial drug, codenamed XF-73, to eradicate the superbugs within five minutes.

It was reported that within three years, XF-73 could be used to prevent the spread of infection on hospital wards.

XF-73 gel was placed inside noses of carriers of superbug bacteria during the tests. Even after 55 repeat exposures, with absolutely no side effects, the bugs were eradicated and MRSA did not show any resistance to the new drug in clinical tests.

The way XF-73 works is also quite different from antibiotics as the rapid loss of its vital contents is caused by breaking down cell walls.