Vitamin C good for patients’ mood swings

Vitamin CA study has stated that for long-term hospital patients, a surprising new application for the nutrient has been suggested by researchers at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital.

For seven to 10 days supplements of either vitamin C or vitamin D in a double-blind clinical trial, were assigned to JGH patients.

It was noticed that in the state of their mood significant improvements were seen in patients taking vitamin C. There was however no significant boost experienced by those on vitamin D, and that clearly states that vitamin C was not a case of placebo effect.

Before adopting the supplement as some kind of natural happy pill, vitamin aficionados should pause.

Dr John Hoffer, lead investigator for the study said that sub-normal levels of both nutrients, with about one in five suffering from vitamin C levels so low, is suffered by most patients in acute-care hospitals.

Dr Hoffer said that in the past to vitamin C and D deficiencies have been linked to psychological problems.

This states that staff at hospitals should make an attempt to keep patients away from vitamin deficiencies.